Performance Training

Who can I help?

What ages can I help?

  • All ages
  • Youth, teen, adults, and seniors

How can I help?

  • By first identifying just what is getting in the way of being as successful as you can be, I then use a variety of proven sport and performance psychology techniques to move you forward towards continued success. I use biofeedback training and proven peak performance/sport psychology techniques to manage anxiety/arousal levels, stay motivated, and improve mental toughness.

What problems can I help resolve?

  • Loss of focus and/or concentration
  • Performance anxiety
  • Motivation
  • Injury recovery
  • Biomechanical balance
  • Temperature regulation

How long will it take to get results?

  • My clients typically see the beginnings of success as soon as they use their new tools and strategies. Consistent success usually takes five to ten sessions, with practice, practice, practice.

What makes my approach different or effective?

  • As an athlete and musician, I have “walked the walk” and have learned that it takes to master the mental aspects of performing that leads to the most successful outcomes. I have personally experienced the challenges and elation that happens on the field and on the stage. Over a 20-year span, I have helped athletes and performers of all ages reach their performance goals and realize their great successes!

How do I start?

Just fill in the simple form on this page or call 510-697-5252 to claim your FREE, no-obligation consult with Dr. Kim Kinna!